Police Have Charged The Sydney Bloke Who Travelled To Byron And Kicked Off Its 7-Day Lockdown

byron bay covid-19 lockdown sydney man charged

The Sydney man who travelled to Byron Bay while COVID-positive, in turn throwing the Byron and surrounding shires into a seven-day lockdown, has been charged by police.

Zoran Radovanovic, the 52-year-old from Rose Bay, was found to have travelled from Sydney to Byron Bay with his two teenage children in late July. NSW Police allege he did not have a reasonable excuse to leave the city, and travelled to the north coast “in contravention of the public health orders”, and as been charged with breaching said public health orders.

Police will also serve Mr. Radovanovic with a Future Court Attendance Notice, and he is currently under strict bail conditions at Lismore Base Hospital receiving treatment for COVID-19.

When Mr. Radovanovic and his two children produced positive test results, it was revealed that the 52-year-old didn’t “believe” in COVID, and was found to have flouted multiple COVID protocols, including not checking in when entering premises, not wearing a mask, and not socially distancing himself from others.

Byron Bay mayor Michael Lyon told the ABC on Monday that Mr. Radovanovic had been “evasive” with health authorities, which sparked suspicion.

“He’s been evasive from all accounts, in terms of the questioning, so there is some form of suspicion as to the reasons he’s being evasive with questions, we don’t know at this stage but it’s disappointing,” he said.

“When it happens because someone is complacent or negligent it’s unacceptable, it’s worse than stupidity.

“When you just don’t give a shit, that’s next level for me.”

Zoran Radovanovic is expected to appear at Lismore Local Court on Monday, September 13.

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