Sydney Froze Their Nips & Balls Off This Morning With Temps Dropping To 1.5C

Sydney folks, we have SURVIVED.

We survived one of the coldest mornings of the year, in fact. Don’t feel like you were being a pissy baby for wanting to stay inside your blankie burrito at 7am today, because we actually just lived through one of the coldest mornings of 2018.

Temperatures dropped below 5 degrees across the city, but wind chill made it feel sub-zero in some areas – literally.

The city as always fared the best with 5 degrees (but felt like 2 bc wind chill, that bastard).

Moving to the outskirts, where the REAL weather battlers live – Camden dealt with 2.7 degrees at around 7.30am, with Campbelltown and Badgerys Creek copping 1.5 degrees.

“You need dry air for it to get cold at night, and it was certainly much drier a week ago, but this still ranks as one of our coldest mornings of the year so far,” Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke told SMH“This morning’s temperatures are about three to six degrees below average.”

Thankfully it’s looking up now, with temps set for around 20 degrees today. GOOD bc I did not feel like schlepping up to the shops for a giant puffer jacket.

Is winter over yet? I’m bored.