Internet Identifies Alleged Sydney City Limits Coward Puncher Within An Hour

The alleged victim of a coward punch attack at Sydney City Limits festival on Saturday said he was provided the accused attacker’s details within an hour of posting an appeal for information on social media.

Pat Stevenson, a photographer who worked the inaugural Austin City Limits spin-off, told PEDESTRIAN.TV the matter has been referred to the police.

In his initial post, Stevenson stated he was taking a photograph of a group of women when a group of inebriated men pushed themselves into the shot. After humouring the men by taking a photo on a phone, Stevenson claims one of them punched him in the head.

The post included the phone photo, which showed the man Stevenson accused of the attack.

Taking to Facebook afterwards, Stevenson thanked everyone who shared his appeal for information, saying “no one should fear being assaulted at a music festival or anywhere for that matter.”

Sydney Limits Festival has been reached for comment.

In a statement yesterday, NSW Police said Sydney City Limits attendees were “generally well behaved,” but noted two people were arrested for assaulting police.

Police charged 62 people with drug possession at the festival.