Subway Site Drops ‘Jared’s Pants Dance’ Game From Kids Section Amid Abuse Scandal

Welp. You can’t really blame the PR team behind Subway, after being presented with the publicity catastrophe that is Jared Fogle – and his alleged child sex abuse charges that emerged last month.

ICYMI, Jared Fogle is better known as “The Subway Guy” AKA the dude who starred in the commercials that brought Subway infamy – by showing how he lost weight and dropped a significant number of pant sizes on a diet of, miraculously, subs.

Because when your iconic spokesperson is stung with hugely damaging charges—allegedly engaging in sex with minors, and receiving child pornography—it’s probably easier than it looks to oversee a few rogue damages that should have been firmly controlled and/or killed with fire.

Case in point: a kids’ game called “Jared’s Pants Dance” that was, until earlier this morning, live on Subway’s website.


Subway kept their most recent social media statement on the Jared Fogle scandal as brief as physically possible.

Jared Fogle’s actions are inexcusable and do not represent our brand’s values. We had already ended our relationship with Jared.

Posted by Subway on Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wanting to preserve this exercise in “How Not To PR” forevermore, someone has archived Jared’s Pants Dance over here. 

According to ABC News, Fogle will plead guilty to one count of receiving child pornography, one count of travelling to engage in sex with a minor; Fogle is also likely to pay $100,000 to his victims under the age of 14, will have to be registered as a sex offender and will face prison time. 
via Mashable.

Help is always available. The Adults Surviving Child Abuse Counselling and support for adult survivors of child abuse can be contacted on: 1300 657 380; the National Counselling Hotline, 1800 Respect, can be reached on 1800 737 732.