STOP IT: This Melbourne Artist Is Doing A Gig With His Granny Next Month

Sometimes you just get given something that’s so utterly adorable that it would be a fineable offence if you didn’t do something with it. This, my friends, is one of those times.

Melbourne artist LANKS is already known around the traps for his music that just makes you ~feel things~ so it’s absolutely acceptable and totally ok for him to announce a Very Special Show™ on March 18 with one extremely precious collaborator – his grandmother.
No, stop it. I’m not crying. You’re crying. You’re the one who is sitting at their desk holding their breath because this is so GOD DAMN CUTE.
Brighton will be the place where the powerhouse duo will bring the mix of electronica vibes & folk lyrics of LANKS (Will Cumings) and a retrospective exhibition of art that his 87-year-old gran, Valda Cuming, has been creating over the last 40+ years. BLESS.
The event is actually being held at Valda’s own house, which truly is the greatest and most heart-warming part. Everyone knows that your grandparents’ house hold some kind of mythical powers that always makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, so being able to open that up to people who appreciate your craft truly is something precious.
Yes, it’s a free show, but the only way to get tickets is via ballot entry, so there’s no chance that people will go bananas at nan’s house and y’know, wreck anything timeless and priceless.

Of all the great experiences I have had over the past 12 months, none have been quite as memorable as collaborating with my 87-year-old grandma, Valda. Today I’m excited to announce that I will be playing a special one-off intimate show as part of her solo exhibition on Sat March 18th, with special guest Hayden Calnin and Alexander Biggs. Tickets are free but there are limited spots available through a ballot because the show is literally at grandma’s house. As well as being the creator of all the feature works behind my Viet Rose EP and singles, she has been an incredible mentor for me with my own creative work, always challenging and inspiring me to greater depths. You’ve got one week to enter the ballot. All the info you need is below! Ballot link in bio ->

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Valda’s previously done work for LANKS as well, including the artwork for his latest EP, Viet Rose. 
Now, please excuse me while I weep gently at the knowledge that Valda Cuming is potentially going to scowl at a bunch of Melbourne youths wearing their shoes in the house and worrying that they’re not taking care of themselves.
Photo: Louise Cuming / Mister Management.