Stephen Wiltshire Sketches Sydney

To coincide with Autism Month in Australia, artist Stephen Wiltshire will today climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge then attempt to draw a photo-realistic Sydney cityscape from memory. If you’re unfamiliar with Wiltshire’s work the artist and Autism advocate (he was diagnosed with Autism at age three) is able to draw city scenes with uncanny accuracy, keen detail and without the use of visual aids due to his remarkable photographic memory.

We posted about Wiltshire’s NYC jaunt last year and like his spectacular take on the Big Apple, the public is welcome to view Wiltshire at work. From the 19th of April Stephen will take residence at Customs House in Sydney’s Circular Quay where he will draw Sydney’s skyline from memory. A collection of his earlier works will also be on display at Customs House from the 19th to the 24th of April.