SA Will Shut The NSW Border At Midnight, So Maybe 2021 Won’t Be The Year I Lick The Malls Balls

south australia

South Australia is set to shut the border to New South Wales from midnight tonight as the coronavirus outbreak continues to grow, so uhh, happy New Year’s, I guess?

Following the ten new cases recorded in the state today, South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has made the call to slam the border shut at one minute past midnight.

South Australia, the land of big giant silver balls, FruChocs, West End and other things that are Heaps Good™ doesn’t want you if you’re from New South Wales. Go on, get out.

So basically, we’re one single minute into 2021 and shit’s already fucked if you’re trying to get from New South Wales to South Australia.

Cool and normal.

This is fine.



The move comes as the state hits 231 total active cases just weeks after the initial outbreak occurred in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, serving as a stark reminder that stuff can get *really* bad *really* quick if we’re not careful.

Obviously, there will be some exceptions to the rule, especially for South Australian residents returning home, people moving to South Australia permanently (which honestly sounds like a smart move right about now), or essential travellers.

However, even these few people who can get their hands on a border permit will still need to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in the state. It is currently unclear if this will be a mandatory hotel quarantine, or if exempt travellers will be free to isolate at home if they have space and resources to do so.

The news comes after the state already effectively closed the border to the Northern Beaches area last week, while offering those in high community transmission areas like the Greater Sydney area, Central Coast and Wollongong the option to self-quarantine if they decided to cross the border.

More to come.