Someone Convinced Hulk Hogan To Send Abbott A ‘Sorry You Got Fired’ Tweet

Life is a gift. Some people believe life is a gift because of a higher spiritual power. Some people believe its a gift from a religious figure, like God. Some people believe it’s a gift because of, y’know… science. 
This writer personally believes that life is a gift, because of people like Twitter user @RealFreeBrowny
When we were running around, trying desperately to cover every aspect of last night’s Liberal party spill, RealFreeBrowny was tweeting away to his hearts content, tweeting like a champ. He just wanted to drill up some support for former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott. ‘Cause Tone had a tough night, y’know?
So, obviously, who else would one turn to but WWE legend and recently-turned-racist, Hulk Hogan?
And BECAUSE LIFE IS AMAZING AND GOOD THINGS TRULY CAN HAPPEN, Hulk Hogan truly and honestly sent back this corking message of support:
Eventually, (read: sadly) Hogan realised that it was all a troll and ended up deleting his tweet, and blocking Australian hero Twitter user @RealFreeBrowny.

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Photo: NBC Universal via Getty Images