Some Cooked Bloke Is Trying To Found A New Island Nation Via Gumtree

There’s probably few among us who haven’t dreamed of starting a new life on a tropical island, free from the shackles of taxes, television and the 9 to 5. 
But uh, most of us don’t go so far as to actually attempt to found an entire new micronation on an as-yet-undecided tropical island in the Great Barrier Reef. Especially not via questionable classifieds site Gumtree.
Has that deterred David from NSW? No, of course it hasn’t. 
David’s Gumtree ad, titled “INTERESTED PARTIES SOUGHT FOR PURCHASE OF TROPICAL ISLAND“, is a masterpiece of threadbare libertarian logic spurred on by what I can only deduce from the desperation glimmering between the lines is a fairly taxing divorce battle.
Accompanied by some misc tropical island shots from around Australia, the text reads in full: 
“Interested parties sought for purchase of a tropical island in the Great Barrier Reef system of north Queensland to escape the extreme taxation slavery, debt slavery & unfair divorce laws we are currently suffering on the Australian main land / the concept being of seceding from Australia to form our own fairer government on the island to be called “The People’s Republic of Fair and Workable Laws and Taxation”

“Interested parties and in vestors are sought for the purchase of the island the forming of a government and council and then the seceding from the main land government to form a separate state free from the unworkable laws of the main land government / supportive and interested parties are sought to get the ball rolling with a committee being formed to make this new island state happen / all positive supportive suggestions welcome

Except it’s all in caps because duh. 
There’s a lot to unpack here! Most significantly, that reference to “unfair divorce laws” suggests that David is a member of the small but vocal demographic of Family Court Dads, who tend to have significant crossover with Conspiracy Theory Dads and Don’t Want To Pay Child Support Dads.
Combined with the references to tax and debt slavery (the realms of Libertarian Dads and Unqualified DIY Dads), I think David’s trying to start Disgruntled Dad Island. And considering the roaring success that is the Principality of Hutt River, who can blame him. Maybe soon Prince Graeme of the Hutt River Province will be joined by Prince David of the Dads
There are a couple islands for sale, after all.
Source & image: Gumtree.