Solange Shouts-Out Legend Yassmin Abdel-Magied After ‘Q&A’ Debacle

Oh hell yeah.

If you didn’t catch this week’s episode of Q&A, Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie copped a thorough dressing down by TV presenter, author, former Queensland Young Australian of the Year and Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied. (Feel unaccomplished, yet?)

Essentially, Lambie was mouthing off (again) about Islam in the wake of Trump’s immigration ban. However, it was when she declared that “all people found to be practising Sharia law” should be kicked out of the country that things really took a turn, with Abdel-Magied schooling Lambie on what Sharia actually is. (For starters, it’s not a law.)

Abdel-Magied has had a hell of week from the right-wing factions of this country. Just this morning, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said she must have been “blindfolded” during her tour of the Middle East and North Africa last year to declare Islam to be a feminist religion, and Bill Leak depicted her in one of his oh-so-charming cartoons (which we’re not going to publish, because honestly, what is the point).

But she’s found an unlikely but insanely big-name supporter: Solange Knowles, singer, sister to Bey, and outspoken feminist, particularly when it comes to issues affecting women of colour.

Abdel-Magied reacted how most of us would to getting a similar public shout-out.

Solange didn’t explain any further, but Abdel-Magied and Lambie’s wasn’t about issues confined to Australia; Islamophobia is, sadly, something seen the world over, so it’s nice to know a little bit to counteract that is getting reach, too.

Photo: Q&A.