Snapchat Disregards Its Forefathers, Smashes Past Twitter’s Daily Users

Welp, here it is: given the choice between 140 characters and the ability to transform oneself into a cartoon dog, more people choose the latter on a daily basis. 

According to Bloomberg, Snapchat has pipped Twitter in terms of average daily users for the first time, basically confirming the app has well and truly surpassed short-lived dickpics. 

Unnamed sources within the ghost-faced app’s headquarters claim they have peaked 150 million users on an average day, eclipsing the figure of 140 million boasted by Twitter.

Speaking on his competitors’ relatively newfound popularity late last month, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey couldn’t help but give Snapchat props for their hold on the social media sphere. 
He reckoned that while they may “start” on Twitter, “the audience right now is looking for new—new, new, new, new, new—and looking for differentiated and unique voices.”

And filters. Don’t forget the filters, Jack.

The bloke also said the system was “very modern”, which sounds odd coming from the head of an eight-year-old company. Still, he’s not wrong, and we know y’all are fiending on the Snaps. 

Why wouldn’t you when you can smash together honest-to-God digital painting masterpieces on there? Oh, while we’re here, fang us a follow at our own, at PEDESTRIAN.TV, or riiight here:

May as well add to that 150M now, right?
Source: Bloomberg. 
Photo: Peter McDiarmid / Getty.