SMH Tracks Down ‘Poster Boy’ Of Cronulla Riots, Finds He’s Still 110% Fucked

It’s been 10 years to the week since Aussie rioters left a stain on our country’s collective history with acts of racism-fuelled violence.
As far-right group Party for Freedom’s founder Nick Folkes pushes for a rally to commemorate the Cronulla Riots (a more backwards sentence has never been spoken), Fairfax Media has descended to the nation’s murkiest depths to track down 40 of the 53 dudes who were arrested either during the 2005 riots or subsequent reprisal attacks.
Most were too ashamed to talk, presumably because they looked inside their cold hearts after-the-fact and found some humility, but a few are sticking fast to the whole ‘bogan bigot’ thing.

Brent Lohman became the “poster boy” of the riots after he was photographed wearing an Australian flag as a cape as rioters stormed a train at Cronulla station, attacking several passengers onboard.
Photo: Nick Moir.
Now living in Queensland, he claims the train incident was set up by the media but still blames it on “the wogs”.
“Ten years on and we’ve got a better chance of being blown to bits now than if people listened back then,” he told Fairfax.
That’s about all Brent told them, because he refused to discuss events without being paid a fat stack of cash because “what I have to say will upset a lot of people”. 
Among the gems on his public Facebook page:
  • News from Reclaim Australia and groups such as “deport all illegal boat people”.
  • A photo of Pauline Hanson‘s policies with the caption: “So much love”.
  • Neo-Nazi memes.
  • A photo of a burning Qur’an with the caption: “Lets all share this awsome bit of kindling around fb fuck you cunts!!”
  • When a protest against an anti-Muslim film turned violent in Hyde Park in 2011, he wrote: “Line em up and shoot em all… a beer per kill and a snitty at the barr”. 
Photo: Facebook.