Shit You Not, The ‘Sweet Valley High’ Artist Will Do Your Portrait For $200

This writer is somewhere between hyperventilation and nostalgia-induced euphoria rn, because – in way only the internet can do – someone has stumbled upon the fact that the artist behind the soft-focused glory of the iconic ‘Sweet Valley High’ book covers is taking portrait commissions. 
Yep, Florida-based James L. Mathewuse – who’s also dabbed his brush on the covers of ‘Nancy Drew’ books- will paint your face in the shaggy ’80s bangs-style of twin sisters / childhood heroes Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield for the paltry fee of US$200 (consultations are free, and can be done over email). 
As a Sweet Valley obsessive, there’s literally *nothing* more I could ask for but an original portrait of myself – and possibly my own sister, depending on how I’m feeling – wearing an off-the-shoulder shirt and way too much blush propped up in my apartment.
For those unfamiliar with the series, firstly…. who are you. Secondly, it’s never too late to educate yourself on the novels of Francine Pascal, who wrote 250 of the YA novels about high schooler twins Jessica and Elizabeth, who are identical in looks but have opposite personalities.
The series follows the trials and tribulations of their lives in Sweet Valley, California, where they fight about boys, switch places Parent Trap-style and perform in local talent shows.
Once again, Mr. Mathewuse will make you the third Wakefield sister (or brother) you always dreamt of being for just US$200. Hit up his website for more. 
Bring it in for a hug, you guys.
Source: Twitter / @HopeLNicholson. 
Photo: Sweet Valley High.