Manly’s Lil’ Beached Shark ‘Fluffy’ Set To Return Home After Surprise Visit

The oddly cute juvenile Great White Shark which inexplicably beached itself in Manly yesterday is set to be returned to the waters later today, according to the wildlife experts charged with its care overnight.

Our little toothy friend was found by stunned onlookers at Manly Beach as it paddled in the exact wrong direction. Not long after, marine pros were able to transport it to the nearby Fairy Bower sea pool, where observers – who’d been asked to leave the waters – copped a close-up look at one of nature’s most adorable predators.

After spending a few hours moseying around the pool, the shark was again transported to the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary for an overnight stay.

Speaking to TODAY this morning, the sanctuary’s Robbie McCracken said the shark was obviously immensely confused and stressed when it beached itself. However, the overnight stay has calmed the fella down quite a bit.

“He is alright, he’s had a chance to rest and recoup,” McCracken said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to release him today.”

McCracken and Co. are waiting on the final go-ahead from NSW Fisheries to transport the shark way offshore. “Hopefully when we let it back out into deeper water it will be able to recover,” he said.

While it’s a mystery why the beast wound up on the shore, workers at the sanctuary at least gave a name to our random friend: Fluffy. 

That that, we say: be well, Fluffy. You majestic killing machine.

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