Senator Glenn Lazarus Forms Own Political Party, The ‘Glenn Lazarus Team’

In March, Queensland Senator Glenn Lazarus officially called it quits on the Palmer United Party, using the shitty boyfriend’s breakup method of choice: via a sobering text to PUP leader Clive Palmer. Breaking hearts, burning bridges, forming new alliances. The Senate’s cutting floor truly is as blood-red as its confronting décor.

Following up Lazarus’ exit of the Palmer United Party about seven weeks ago, the senator today announced his submission to the Australian Electoral Commission, with a bid to form an eponymous independent party in the senate: the Glenn Lazarus Team.
Its logo, in a nod—albeit slightly confusing one, considering Lazarus’ NSW roots—to Lazarus ten-year stint playing for the Blues in State of Origin, is this:

Lazarus’ move follows neatly in the footsteps of three senators flipping the table on their 2013 election alliances, and who went on to form their own political parties: SA senator Nick Xenophon got the ball rolling back in December last year; Democratic Labor Party Senator John Madigan followed closely after, clearing the way for Senator Jacqui Lambie calling it quits on the Palmer United Party earlier this year. 
Glenn Lazarus’ christening of his newly-announced party takes cues from Xenophon and Lambie – who also named their parties like they would a shitty Silicon Valley startup: Xenophon launched NXT (the Nick Xenophon Team) and Lambie now helms the Jacqui Lambie Network. 

The state of the Palmer United Party, once a full 4 senators strong, is now looking especially weak in the Senate – Clive Palmer surely clutches the lapels of his last PUP standing—an unassuming, under-the-radar flying Dio Wang—as the rest of his former senators boldly insist the cruelest punishment of them all.
You. Can’t. Sit. With. Us.
via SMH