Seems Those Lads Who “Accidentally” Caught Boat To Syria Are Having A Laugh

We’ve all been there: you’re travelling with two of your mates in Cyprus, you have a big night on the turps, the club shuts at 7:30am and, instead of going back to the rat-infested hostel room you share with seven Swedish stoners, you decide to kick on by going on a dolphin watching boat.

Except, oh no, it’s not a dolphin boat – it’s a boat going to Syria. Being unfamiliar with the geography it doesn’t occur to you that that’s the case until you go to do a Facebook post and it geotags you in one of the world’s most dangerous conflict hotspots.
Well, that’s exactly what happened to club reps Lewis Ellis, Alex McCormick and James Wallman, or at least so they claimed. Their “The Hangover“-esque style story has only one hole in it other than how perfectly entertaining it is: one of them fessed up on Facebook.
Just when it looked like they’d gotten away with the perfect crime (internet pranks), Lewis Ellis let slip on his FB that it was a jape:
Ellis is no stranger to pranks, having pulled a wild and crazy stunt wherein he went swimming in a decorative pool in a shopping centre. Wild.
Source: The Telegraph.