Scratch & Sniff Magazine: No Images – Scent Only

Sometimes we all need a break from the digital medium and grab onto something more tangible – like the feel of the paper grain between your fingers or the smell of your favourite stock. Berlin-based print mag mono.kultur have taken the idea of sensory experience in media one step further with their latest edition: a smell-only issue.

mono.kultur #23 contains no visual imagery, it is instead a visually blank canvas with microencapsulation as the only artistic medium used – a special technique which literally prints the page with scents which are released when the paper is rubbed. Literally scratch and sniff.

The scents were created by Norweigan “smell artist” Sissel Tolaas who curated 12 varying scents for the issue, among them: ‘Guy 1’ and ‘Guy 2’ – so if you’re looking for L’Ancome perfume samples you’d best stick to the newsagent glossies.

The concept is so intriguing it might be worth sniffing out a copy. (Cringe)

Order it now: mono.kultur

Via It’s Nice That