Scott Marsh’s New Piece Accuses #CasinoMike Of Corruption, Simpsons-Style

When life Mike Baird takes down one graffiti, another appears in its place.

A brand new piece of street art depicting #CasinoMike shaking hands with Fat Tony – a.k.a. Springfield‘s law-evading mob boss – has appeared in Chippendale in the last 48-hours, and boy is it a doozy.

If you’re thinking this looks familiar, you’d be right: Sydney artist Scottie Marsh is behind it, who also gave us the last iconic #CasinoMike masterpiece.
Marsh said on Instagram that this latest piece is aiming to call out alleged corruption within the Baird Government over the highly contentious WestConnex project.

“The more I speak to people much more intelligent and knowledgable than me about the WestConnex project and @mikebairdmp’s overhaul of the #icac the shadier it gets,” he said, asking people to “Follow the money” like financial breadcrumbs.

Former Mayor of Leichhardt Darcy Byrne – who was one of 42 elected mayors and councillors sacked by Baird in May this year, for reasons that are still vague as hell – posted a pic of the wall to Facebook.

“Hey Mike Baird, don’t go taking this one down, it’s called art,” he wrote.

Obviously, Baird made a giant social media faux pas EVEN FOR HIM when he posted a pic of himself in front of the last #CasinoMike piece of street art back in October, claiming it was for NSW‘s ‘official’ graffiti removal day and coming across as exactly the smug piece-of-shit you’d like to clock behind the bike sheds.

Plot twist: it’d been painted over months ago. Baird saved this photo *specifically* to be a jerk.

With any luck, this new one – which appears on the side of tattoo parlour Venomous Ink – will have a longer life.

Photo: Facebook / Liam Hogan.