Schoolie Burns Bottom After Trying/Failing To Light His Own Fart

In an ass-inine turn of events , a Gold Coast Schoolies attendee has rather badly burned his bottom, after attempting and horribly failing Ye Olde ‘Light One’s Own Fart‘ routine. 

The 17 year-old was taken to hospital at 4am this morning, and the ambo’s said he suffered “burns to his bottom from a fire lit using a deodorant can and a lighter”.
We’re so sorry to disappoint, but there are no photos or videos of the actual event occurring. WE KNOW, please do believe us when we say we are beyond devo about this as well. 
Instead, please enjoy this generic Youtube compilation of people lighting their farts on fire!
Why did we even choose to write this article? Well, because farts are funny. ‘CAUSE WE SAID SO, YA NERD.
via 7 News.