Scape Is Launching An Artist In Residence Program If Ya Wanna Cosplay As Picasso While Studying

Once upon a time, you’d cop a lot of resistance for daring to trot down a creative career path.

Do you know how unstable that industry is? There’s no money in it, right? So…you want to do a hobby…for a job?

As someone with an Arts degree, I can confirm I received a few of these barbs in my time. Talk about an art attack…

I am the Tiger | Wren and Squirrel
Art Attack reboot

Anyway, these days, things are looking up for the arty types.

Scape is known for its student accommodation all over Australia, but has decided to inject some space for creativity to flourish within its walls this year. By teaming up with Art+  (the folks who bring public artworks to life), they’ve launched The.ArtScape.

Part of The.ArtScape. is its rolling Artist In Residence program. To support and encourage up-and-coming artists at Scape, a bunch of real-deal creatives will set up shop within a building to show the young punks how it’s done.

Bob Ross Art GIF by NETFLIX
This could be you

First cab off the artist rank is Melbourne-based graphic artist, illustrator and designer Nathan Nankervis. He’s already kicked off his stint by installing a mural at Scape Swanston and is now setting up a studio at the Carlton accommodation. Students will be able to access his studio, take part in workshops and get creative career mentoring.

Nathan’s keen to get cracking with the new generation of artists.

“I hope the students connect with it in a playful way, those I’ve had the chance to meet are cool, they’re all super creative and individualistic, they give me hope for the future,” he says.

If you’ve always considered yourself a modern-day Picasso and need a place to stay during your studies, suss out what Scape campus is close to you. And Van Gogh live your artist dream!