SBS Is Delivering An Online Food Film Fest Straight To Your Eyes / Mouth

It seems a little odd that on-demand television only came after on-demand food, but SBS’ new month-long, online foodie film festival goes ahead and absolutely smashes both worlds together.

Feast On Film kicks off tonight, and it’ll showcase a whopping ten award-winning docos, all of which highlight a different aspect of the crazy gastronomical realm. It’s basically like your fav dirty delivery joint, except with a few more Michelin stars. And less shame. 

Unlike some of the restaurants on display: it’s aaabsolutely free. SBS On Demand has wrangled together films covering the worldwide dominance of slow-food and local produce, all the way to an in-depth look at the life of a top-notch chef battling tongue cancer, and you can catch all that cinematic goodness, gratis. 

To really nail down the whole fest aspect, there’s also a panel talking shop on the rise of foodie culcha in Australia. Chef Shane Delia, Gelato Messina’s Declan Lee, Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold, Dani Valent of The Age, and food blogger Emily Naismith were joined by none other than The Katering Show’s Kate McLennan (!) for the chat. 

It’s all tied in with the Melbourne International Film Festival – like it really needed an excuse to exist, though. Get in our bellies, ASAP. Scope it out riiiiight heeeere. 

Source: Supplied. 
Photo: YouTube.