Here Are The 7 MPs Who Will Vote Against Same-Sex Marriage No Matter What

The results of the same-sex marriage postal survey land tomorrow, and we’ll know at 10am on the dot how the people of Australia have voted. Despite the fact we’ve gone through all this bloody rigamarole to actually make this shit happen, and the Coalition have made marriage equality advocates jump through a million hoops… there are still MPs who will vote against it no matter what.

The ABC has pulled together a survey of literally every MP to find out how they’ll vote on a same-sex marriage bill, and it’s a handy way of finding out what your rep plans to do. A number of MPs didn’t reply to the ABC’s inquiry, and some of them – like Tony Abbott, for example – tried to dodge the question, but from the list there are seven MPs who are definite no’s.

Here they are:

  • Slade Brockman
  • Cory Bernardi
  • Bob Katter
  • Don Farrell
  • Lucy Gichuhi
  • Kevin Andrews
  • Bridget McKenzie

There are many politicians who, like Zed Seselja and and Ian Macdonald, have expressed opposition to same-sex marriage in the past, but say they will vote in line with the results of the postal survey. Many other MPs have said it’s ‘complicated’ and will wait for the final result before they announce their move.

If the majority of Australians vote yes, and the ABC’s survey is correct, then 70% of the House of Representatives and 68% of the Senate will vote for same-sex marriage. So we should be pretty safe… but c’mon guys. The one time you’re called to actually vote in line with the wishes of the Australian re The 7 electorate and you wuss out.