Aussie Sweethearts Sam And Tara Got Engaged Making All Of Us Ugly Cry

LOOK, too much bloody happened tonight so here we go and prepare to see me again in about 30 mins when we talk about A L I  because Sam and Tara just got engageedddd.

Keira & Jarrod

Keira looks bloody gorgeous and Jarrod looks a nice pastel red. The two still haven’t told each other that they’re in love. Jarrod doesn’t really need to, you can tell he’s absolutely obsessed.

The two are practically married, let’s be real.

Jarrod actually lands a really intense speech and Keira absolutely starts balling, especially when he tells her he loves her.

Keira and Jarrod exchange commitment rings and the entire thing is actually very sweet and I couldn’t be happier for the extra AF couple.

Anywhoo, Keira says, “Are you sure you’re gonna stay with me forever?” and it’s just gooey vibes.

Ali & Grant

Ali is completely and utterly in love with Grant, she says how she can’t wait to start their life together and have children and be happy, happy, happy…

“You are the most kind, thoughtful, beautiful woman I have ever met in my life. I have fallen completely in love with you, in a place that’s so real, in a place that’s so true and I want to be in that place with you forever… and I never thought that I would make a connection with someone like I did with you…I already know that I want to and I will spend the rest of my life with you. And I have something for you, and something to promise you that this next chapter we’re gonna start is the best chapter. I’ve got something for you, this is a ring that I got you to show my commitment to you and how excited I am to start the next chapter with you. Will you accept it? 

FUCKING AWKWARD. Ali 100% thought he was proposing and the music literally stops.

Tara & Sam

Sam’s just having a good ol’ sit next to a tree, giving a suss to the seriously massive  E N G A G E M E N T  ring. #advertising #gsdiamonds

Sam’s even smoothed over his hair, it’s all too much.

Even Osher’s bloody excited, especially when Sam says he’s going to proopoooooossssssseee.

Let’s just relive it.


“I love you just the way you are, you’re a bit insane like me… I can’t even count the amount of times you make me cry from laughing but then I can also talk to you like an adult and I feel like we help each other grow into big people. Everyone knows that loud and funny and often inappropriate side to Sam, but I was lucky enough to find the deep and caring and affectionate side and then I was lucky enough to fall in love with that and we have something really special and really rare and you often tell me to stop what we’re doing and take in everything because you say it’s going to be a memory… I’m going to give you this ring so that you can remember this moment now… I love you and want to be with you forever.” 


“Tara, my heart’s going pretty fast. You look absolutely beautiful and I have loved waiting at cocktail parties for you to walk out. I never thought I’d be that type of person to wait like that, every time I saw you, you took my breath away and you’re doing it again. You are incredible you’re everything I’ve been looking for for a very long time. I’ve told you that you ticked boxes I didn’t know I had. Our story’s funny, from the first moment I saw you, there was a funny look from you I didn’t think you liked me at all and then from that it turned into “Hi Uncle Sam, that turned into “what’re you doing?”, and slowly I started spending more time with you and you’ve really found a way into my heart. And I came here with my heart only fractionally open and very much damaged and I’ve missed you and I’ve missed you a lot and that’s very strange because I really like my own time to myself. 

You’ve been an incredible part of my life and some might say that’s a short amount of time. I feel like I’ve had the liberty of waking up to you for years, it feels that way. I adore you, I’m so proud of you, the woman you are and will become.

And you take my breath away, all the time. Just with a look, I was really scared today but as soon as I see you I’m okay. You make me want to shut up more. I want to be more quiet rather than talk, I want to hear what you want to say.

And I found my girl, you are my girl, I’ve been looking for you for a long time.

So, Tara I love you, I do and it might seem crazy but it’s not. I’ve said it to you a thousand times in my sleep, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re incredible, will you marry me?

Sam clumsily puts the ring on Tara’s “big” hand and I cry and cry and cry.

You can watch the lil’ snippet below!

Miss you already, Osher.

Also, anybody else catch that epilogue scene or am I the only one screaming?