Trump’s Cybersecurity Advisor Thinks He’s Being Hacked Because He Can’t Type

If the defining theme of the Trump administration isn’t senseless contrarianism, then it’s definitely incompetence. No one picked by Trump seems to really know what their job is, let alone seems able to do it. A very perfect example of this is Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and now an attorney for Donald Trump.

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In January of 2017, Trump named Giuliani as his cybersecurity advisor. Right now, in 2018, Guiliani believes he is being maliciously cyberattacked on Twitter because he doesn’t know how links work.

On December 1, Giuliani (apparently pressed for space) fired off this very wordy tweet about special counsel for the US Department of Justice Robert Mueller:

Possibly trying to get the most out of his 280 characters or maybe just unfamiliar with phone keyboards, he emitted the spaces between the periods and the first letter of the following sentence. Thanks to the fact that ‘.in’ is the top-level domain name for India, the construction ‘G-20.In’ formed a nonsensical but entirely web address. Some clever dick decided to capitalise on that, creating a website for that domain that appears simply as thus:

Guiliani, cybersecurity expert, responded calmly, rationally, and in a way that doesn’t make him seem clueless at all:

Well… no, mate. You allowed someone to ‘invade your text’ (it’s a tweet my dude) by not being very good at typing, and it didn’t happen with later tweets because they didn’t conform to the pattern of a valid domain name. The people at Twitter might well be “committed cardcarrying anti-Trumpers” for all we know, but they’re certainly not acting that out by hypnotising a former mayor into mistyping word combinations so that people can buy up the domain name and make him look like an ass.

All of us can only dream of getting a solid six-figure salary to do a job that we clearly do not understand.