The RSPCA Is Furious After A WA Man Who Ripped A Kookaburra’s Head Off Escaped Charge

kevin the kookaburra

WA’s Agriculture and Food Minister has vowed to examine the legalities around native wildlife protection after a kookaburra was shockingly killed at a Perth tavern.

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Kevin, a cheeky kookaburra, was described as a local at The Parkerville Tavern who had a love for steaks and fish.

In an old post on the pub’s Facebook page, the Tavern asked customers to be mindful of their food around the bird.

“He is loathed to buy his own and whenever possible, will sneak up and steal yours.”

On Saturday, a patron reportedly lost it when Kevin pinched some of his food. The man then allegedly attacked Kevin and ripped its head off.

“RPSCA WA is concerned to hear about another senseless act of violence against an animal,” Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said in a statement shared on Saturday.

“Sadly, right now under Western Australian law, it does not appear that this horrific act constitutes an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2002.

“While RSPCA WA Inspectors can only take action under the Animal Welfare Act where an animal has suffered, the incident with Kevin the Kookaburra may have contravened laws designed specifically to protect native wildlife.”

In other words, RSPCA can’t technically prove the poor kookaburra suffered because it was killed so quickly. Which is bullshit.

On Monday, Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan confirmed the act is under review.

“We are now checking with the department whether or not this can be characterised as an act of animal cruelty,” she told reporters, per Nine News.

If a loophole is found, MacTiernan said it could lead to changes to the Animal Welfare Act.

“Quite clearly we need a law that would stop that appalling behaviour happening,” she said.

In a post that has since been removed from its Facebook page, the Parkerville Tavern team said they were “still in disbelief about the barbaric attack on one of nature’s gifts.”

Staff has asked the public for no further comments regarding the incident to be made on its social media pages.

“We are awaiting further information from the police and we will know more soon.

“We would like to thank you all for your support.”