Meghan Markle’s Precious Rescue Pups Are The Newest (And Best) Royals

Now that the engagement of the decade has happened and we’re all stuck mourning our lifelong dreams of one day nabbing Prince Harry for our own (I know, I’m sorry), let it be known that Meghan Markle is already bringing a positive influence into the royal family.

Meghan’s two adorable bebs –  Guy and Bogart – are moving in with her to Kensington Palace. Apparently one pup has already moved over with her to the UK, and the other is being cared for by friends until he can also move in to a most regal dog bed.

They’re two very gorgeous rescue pups, and are absolutely putting up fierce competition to the Queen’s corgis.

Awwww look at them! What precious bebes whom I love. This is the royal family content I am 110% here for.

Meghan clearly goes hard on the ‘adopt don’t shop’ ethic, which is bloody great news because adopting a pup and giving them a new lease on life is much more rewarding than buying from puppy farms.

Ok let’s just take a moment to adore these two puppos, because god damn they’re perfect angels who have absolutely won the adoption jackpot.

I LOVE THEM, my god what a perfect little rascally duo. You can tell that Guy is the ratbag and Bogart just has to sit there all like “you genuinely cannot be serious.”

Apparently Meghan’s way with four-legged loves has worked an absolute charm on the Queen’s corgis, with one of them lying across her feet during a dinner with the royal fam – an immediate connection that Harry as been unsuccessful in making in 33 years.

I’m absolutely here for Meghan’s inclusion in the royal fam because if the pups like her, then it’s impossible for humans not to.