’13 Reasons Why’ Star Ross Butler Sued For Alleged Role In Attempted Murder

13 Reasons Why actor Ross Butler has been sued by Isaiah Silva for his alleged role in Silva’s attempted murder. In the initial report, TMZ revealed Silva had sued Courtney Love and several other people for allegedly conspiring to murder him in order to steal Kurt Cobain’s famed guitar from him.

Silva – Frances Bean Cobain’s – ex-husband is claiming his former mother-in-law, Love, planned and conspired with a group of people to have him killed.

According to the civil complaint obtained by PEOPLE Silva is suing Love, her manager Sam Lutfi, private investigator John Nazarian, musician Michael Schenk and 13 Reasons Why actor Ross Butler among others.

In his lawsuit, Silva claims a group of men including Butler, Lutfi, Nazarian, and another man Yan Yukhtman “entered into a criminal conspiracy to commit trespass, burglary, home invasion robbery, assault, battery, kidnapping, and murder” on June 3 2016 in order to steal Cobain’s guitar.

Nazarian has since told TMZ he was nowhere near Silva’s house at the time of the alleged incident.

The guitar in question is the 1959 Martin, played by Cobain during his band’s famed 1993 MTV Unplugged in New York performance. The guitar came into Silva’s possession during the divorce settlement. Silva says his ex-wife gifted him with the guitar during their marriage as an anniversary present.

Since their divorce, the guitar has been widely reported on because of its fame and rarity. The guitar was reportedly only produced for a year before being discontinued. It was also especially adapted for left-handed Cobain.

Speaking to TMZ in 2016, Love said the “treasured heirloom of the family” was not for Silva to take.

In the lawsuit, Silva goes on to claim Lutfi threatened his mother and younger daughter, from a previous relationship, and alleges Lutfi provided the“illicit benzodiazepines” drugs to Love and Bean Cobain via Butler who acted as a “courier”. 

As reported by TMZ, Silva says the group of men pounded on his door claiming to be LAPD Police. Afterwards, Silva claims Lutfi grabbed him by the genitals, told him to “calm the fuck down” then threatened to sexually assault him.

Following these reports, MTV approached Love via her twitter with the claims to which she replied, “it’s baseless and nonsense”. 

Butler has appeared in a few pictures on Love’s Instagram and vice versa. In a recent interview with VultureButler explained they met through Lutfi, who is his good friend.

“She and I just clicked really well. She’s super educated, like a walking encyclopedia. She’s just decided to keep me around, and has been my mentor and my big sister ever since.”