Ringling Bros Circus Realises It’s 2016, Retires Famous Live Elephant Show

The ‘Greatest Show on Earth‘, the Ringling Brothers Circus, has at long last allowed their elephants to retire and finally live a life of just being a normal bloody elephant
Yesterday, the six Asian elephants who perform the live show in the travelling circus took their final bow to a cheering crowd. 
They’ve been performing for around two decades, but in recent years, animal rights activists have stepped up their game, campaigning and protesting for the release of the beautiful animals. 
Around a dozen protestors stood outside Sunday’s performance; some were dressed up in animal costumes, and all were holding signs vocalising their stance against the circus’ use of all animals.
Now, the elephants will live at Ringling‘s 200-acre elephant conservation centre in Florida. The 40-strong herd of elephants will be part of a breeding program, and also be part of a paediatric cancer research project. 
Alana Feld, the executive vice president of Feld Entertainment (who own the circus) has said that the circus will continue to use other animals. Which sucks, but yesterday’s news shows that protesting does lead to action, so let’s keep this conversation going guys. 
Because Dumbo didn’t deserve that, and no other animal does either. 
Source: ABC.com
Photo: Boston Globe / Getty.