Ringling Bros AKA ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ Calls It Quits After 146 Yrs

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which marketed itself as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’, has announced it’s bringing down the Big Top for the final time. 
The famous circus, which has been running for 146 years, told its 500 employees on Sunday that the final curtain call would be happening in May. 
Juliette Feld, CEO of parent company Feld Entertainment said in a statement:

“This was a difficult business decision to make, but by ending the circus tours, we will be able to concentrate on the other lines of business within the Feld Entertainment portfolio.

Now that we have made this decision, as a company, and as a family, we will strive to support our circus performers and crew in making the transition to new opportunities.”
Last May, the circus announced it’d be retiring the elephants that performed as the show’s biggest act, after increasing pressure from animal activists as well as laws surrounding exotic performing animals. 
There have been reports of rising operation costs, falling ticket sales, and costly legal battles ever since this major change to the circus’ production. 
PETA regularly protested the use of the elephants and continued to protest the circus using other animals after the elephant act had been retired. The group has celebrated the announcement of the circus’ closure on Twitter:

Source: Variety
Photo: Scott Wintrow / Getty.