Read Bret Easton Ellis’ New Book

Hey people who read books! Remember how we blogged about Bret Easton Ellis’ upcoming jaunt down under where he’ll be promoting his new book Imperial Bedrooms? Yes? Well this one’s for you. As you probably already know, Ellis’ eagerly-awaited seventh novel doesn’t come out til June but if you’re hankering for a literary morsel, the good folk at Esquire have posted an excerpt from his book online.

Here’s a sample passage featuring Clay, the detached protagonist from Ellis’ wiry debut Less Than Zero, explaining a work of fiction’s faithfulness to real life events: “Other examples: my girlfriend had in fact run over a coyote in the canyons below Mulholland, and a Christmas Eve dinner at Chasen’s with my family that I had casually complained about to the author was faithfully rendered. And a twelve-year-old girl really had been gang-raped – I was in that room in West Hollywood with the writer, who in the book noted just a vague reluctance on my part and failed to accurately describe how I had actually felt that night – the desire, the shock, how afraid I was of the writer, a blond and isolated boy whom the girl I was dating had halfway fallen in love with.”

Wow. Read the full excerpt here.

Via Esquire