Rare Images Of Fun Police In Action On Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Fun Police: A Play in Two Pictures

In fair Dee Why, where we lay our scene,

Forms ancient seaweed sludge through new breaks,

Where Alcohol Free Zones provides civilians unrest.

From forth the fatal laws of these two foes,

A pair of star-cross’d stick figures show their strife;

Whose misadventured piteous overthrows,

Doth with their erection bring objections to light.

Enter: This DIY signage.

Here we join Reddit user SendintheGeologist who, we are guessing, is responsible for the erection. There did he stay, committed to his post, only to regretfully observe a dutiful constable charged with fun control arrive to rearrange his mise en scène.

SendintheGeologist: “Armed with paint stripper, the true MVP of the fun police squad arrived today on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.”


via Reddit and a poor grasp of Shakespeare.