Racist Bogans Take The Piss, Want A Cronulla Riots Memorial To Mark 10 Years

We have officially lost the line between IRL and parody now people. We literally cannot keep up. 

Anti-Islam group, ‘Party for Freedom’ (freedom, they reckon… ), has announced that it is currently organising a ‘Cronulla Riots 10 Year Memorial Service’ at Don Lucas Reserve on Cronulla Beach, on December 12th. 
It’s already being promoted on those terrifying far-right, anti-Islam social media pages, with the description reading that it will be a day of remembrance for Australians who “stood up against years of physical, verbal and even sexual abuse perpetrated by Muslim gang members”.
“We all know the countless stories of south-west Sydney gangs preying on Aussies in the most despicable and racially degrading ways possible. The scars will only heal when our state and federal governments acknowledge the failure of state sanctioned multiculturalism coupled with incompatible Islamic immigration and apologise to all Australians for forcing genocide upon the great people of this nation.”
Party for Freedom’s leader, Nick Folkes (you might remember him as the guy who organised the failed protest at the site of the Parramatta Police HQ shooting, then showed up hella late because he was ‘stuck in traffic’) said the upcoming rally was a “fitting time to bury multiculturalism”. 
Shermon Burgess, the former leader of the United Patriots Front, encouraged so-called “patriots” to attend the rally and said it would be supported by Reclaim Australia: “Spread the word and let everyone know that we are going to be standing for our rights in the very place where it all began. This will be a peaceful rally; this will not be an alcohol-fuelled idiot rally.”
‘Party for Freedom’ has said that it’s been given the go-ahead for the memorial, but NSW Police wouldn’t confirm this. 

“Discussions between the organisers, council and police are ongoing,” a police spokeswoman said. 
We… we just… we cannot.
via The Age.
Image via Twitter.