Queensland Police Strike The Ganj Mother Lode, Confiscate Almost 500 Plants

Here’s one guy’s plans for a very, very merry Christmas up in smoke: cops in the Far North Queensland town of Millstream have hit the Mary Jane jackpot, seizing 489 plants from a rural property yesterday morning. 
Along with the nearly 500 living specimens, they also confiscated drug utensils, a rifle, and an astounding 25kg of dried dakka. 
A 24-year-old man is alleged to have grown the forest of ganja in his back yard, to which we say: now that’s a green thumb. 
He’s been charged with one count each of producing dangerous drugs, possessing dangerous drugs, possessing utensils, possessing explosives and unlawful possession of weapons, and is due to appear in the Atherton Magistrate’s Court on January 17.
Meanwhile, the local coppers burnt the entire grass-harvest in Atherton yesterday arvo in one helluva (wasteful) blaze-up. Wildlife for miles around was reported to be feeling really chilled out mate, yeah, thanks for asking, actually could you go a Maccas run? I’m fangin’ for a feed, hey. 
(As a side note, can I please drawn attention to whomever is in charge of photography at the Atherton cop shop, who appears to have got their digital camera from a UFO catcher in 1999:
What the hell is that supposed to be? There’s your evidence of underfunded public services! Give our boys in blue a bloody iPhone!)
Image: Nancy Honey / Getty.