Queensland Will Reopen The NSW Border On Monday, So It Looks Like Your Summer Vacay Is Back On

queensland border

The Queensland/New South Wales border will officially reopen on Monday, February 1 in what can only be described as a huge win for anyone with loved ones or other commitments across state lines.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed the news on the Today show on Thursday morning.

“The NSW border will reopen on the 1st of February,” Palaszczuk said.

The hard border lockout has been in place since December 21, with residents from multiple suburbs in the Greater Sydney area unable to enter the state for the holidays.

However, it looks like a late Christmas/New Years celebration could be on the cards for anyone who had their plans shattered by a border closure, with the lockout only remaining in place until the end of the weekend.

“So it’s a great time for families to be reunited, but also, too, for people to plan their holidays,” Palaszczuk said.

In addition to, you know, being able to reunite families and friends, the reopening of borders is expected to boost the state’s tourism sector, which has obviously taken a few solid hits over the last year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I met with tourism operators yesterday,” Palaszczuk told the Today show.

“They’re really feeling at the moment. They had a good Christmas but now kids are back to school, so if anyone’s down there in NSW or Victoria and you’re thinking about having a holiday, come up to Cairns.

“Everyone is here, ready and willing to welcome you with open arms and a friendly smile.”

The decision to reopen the borders comes after Palaszczuk received health advice from the state’s Cheif Health Officer Jeanette Young, with New South Wales recording no new cases of community transmission for the last ten days straight.

Honestly, this just sounds like the perfect excuse to call in sick next week, yeet up to Queensland and go on some rollercoasters.