A Melbourne Hotel Quarantine Guard Asked A Guest To ‘Add Him On Snapchat’ & Uhh, Can You Not?

quarantine hotel snapchat

A hotel quarantine security guard has been removed from duty after slipping a note under a guest’s door saying “Hey hun, add me on snapchat.”

Forgetting the fact that no adult man should be trying to pickup by getting girls to add them on snapchat, the incident is also a huge abuse of power as a security guard in hotel quarantine, and thankfully, action has since been taken.

Following the ordeal, an email chain that has since been revealed in the Melbourne hotel quarantine inquiry discussed the possibility of ceasing work with Wilson Security following the mishap.

“She looked up his name and looked up on Facebook and it’s a security guard and wants to complain,” the email said. “[REDACTED] is his name – he took her outside a few days ago for outside time … with 2 other guests … 2 other security guards.”

Senior Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions employee Paul Xerri, who was responsible for managing the outsourcing of hotel security guards, the replied that he’d “contact Wilson Security now to have this guard removed.”

The incident took place at Melbourne’s Crowne Plaza on April 14, according to the emails.

However, the email chain also revealed that the snapchat incident wasn’t the first time Wilson Security had been involved in a hotel quarantine slip up, and that it was actually “the second such incident this week and is unacceptable.”

In addition to the fact that the whole hotel quarantine situation is responsible for much of our current outbreak, the fact that even one of the guards acted this unprofessionally is terrifying to say the least.

Considering thousands of Australians had to undergo hotel quarantine in complete isolation, making sure women aren’t being hit on by security guards is the absolute bare minimum they should’ve been providing.

The news comes after Victoria Police allegedly had an “absolute preference” for private security companies managing hotel quarantine, according to the inquiry.

Approximately 99% of the current second wave of the coronavirus in Victoria can be linked back to the hotel quarantine bungles at the Rydges or Stamford hotels.