QLD Armed Siege Continues With Gunman Holed Up In Shipping Container

More details of the shooting death of Queensland Police Senior Constable Brett Forte have been reported, while his alleged killer Rick Maddison remains holed up on a property near the town of Gatton.
Maddison reportedly taunted police in a phone call yesterday afternoon, before leading police vehicles in a slow-moving chase. It is believed he drove down a dead-end road, left his own car, and opened fire on the police vehicles. 
It was at that time Senior Constable Forte was wounded. His partner returned fire, reversed the vehicle, but rolled the car. Another police unit was able to assist the injured officers while reportedly still being fired upon.

CPR was attempted on Senior Constable Forte, but it was unsuccessful. 

Maddison fled the scene before he was located at the Lockyer Valley property. 
The siege is ongoing, with police reporting Maddison has taken to a shipping container on the property. Police have established contact with him. 

We’ll update this story as it develops.

Source: Sunrise / ABC / The Courier Mail.
Photo: Sunrise.