Puffing Billy, Australia’s Handsomest Steam Train, Has Been T-Boned By A Bus

I am deeply sad to announce that Puffing Billy, Australia‘s most beloved train, has been involved in an accident with a minibus.

One passenger was hospitalised after the collision near Menzies Creek, in Melbourne‘s southeast.

According to The Age, one passenger, who was in the carriage behind where the collision took place, described the van colliding with the train after coming down a hill:

We saw a white van with a trailer come hurtling down the hill and it collided with the train. The carriage shook really badly, then the van veered left and was pulled about 50 metres along the tracks, derailing one of the carriages. The carriage was smashed up and there was glass everywhere. I reckon it would be a write-off.

The same passenger said that around six people were in the carriage that the van hit.

A spokesperson for Ambulance Victoria told The Age that four people were treated at the scene and that one person was taken to Dandenong Hospital, with a spokesperson for Monash Health describing them as being in a “stable condition“.

Police told 9 News that the driver of the bus tried to brake before the tracks but “wasn’t able to stop in time.