PSA: Opal Card’s Ludicrous $40 Minimum Auto-Top Up Amount Is No More

Turns out I was not the only one who, a few years back when setting up my then-new Opal card (and lovingly christened it “Leslie Knopal”), was taken aback at the minimum auto-top up amount of fourty bloody big ones.
Fourty smackeroos, friends, is not a small amount of money for an early twenty-something public transport user and whilst I’ve stuck with the forced auto-top up of $40, often unpleasantly being deducted from my account just prior to an already skint weekend, I know of several mates who point-blank refused to do it automatically via the website, purely for this fact.
Well stress no more my fellow povo brethren, as starting today, July 3, the NSW Government is now allowing you to choose your auto-top up amount, with options as low as $10 at a time. The previously reported price increase of 2.4 percent also swings in today, so consider this a lil’ win in the midst of a greater loss, I suppose.
Simply linking your Opal card to a bank account and forgetting about it, is still probs the easiest way to get around the fine, definitely working, always on-time public transport infrastructure of our fine state, and lowering this figure to $10 does in theory open it up to more users, which also means shorter lines for those who like to live off-the-grid and fill up their Opal Winfrey’s manually on Monday mornings.
Or you know, you could just go ahead and implant the fucking thing in your hand like some gronk cyborg dude, but that one’s up to you.

Photo: Transport NSW.