Prison Guard Brands Cassie Sainsbury A “Liar” Over Inmate Abuse Claims

A prison guard at the Colombian facility holding accused cocaine smuggler Cassie Sainsbury has labelled the 22-year-old Australian a liar, regarding claims she made to the media about inadequate conditions behind bars. 

Speaking to 9NEWS, the guard said “Cassie likes attention and she knows how to get it,” and that while she isn’t the most “difficult” inmate, the guard doesn’t like “the lies and the bad information she’s giving to the media.”

Those statements relate to claims Sainsbury made about inmates harassing her over a photo taken behind bars; while Sainsbury said she complained to guards about treatment she received after the photo was sent to the media, the guard said Sainsbury had requested the photo to be taken.

The guard has also disputed claims Sainsbury made about the availability of medical treatment behind bars. Sainsbury said that doctors “wanted to just like push [medical issues] under the rug,” but the guard says “That’s a lie.

“Every prisoner gets checked out for their health. She has access to private doctors too if she wants.”

Sainsbury is still awaiting a date for her trial, after 5.8kg of cocaine was allegedly found stashed within her luggage last month.
Source and photo: 9NEWS.