Following the frankly ~dizzying~ resignations of not one but two Greens senators this week over massive bloody oversights regarding dual citizenship, a bunch of other Aussie politicians are rushing to prove that they, unlike Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam, are eligible to hold their office.

Waters resigned today after it became apparent that her birth in Canada made her a Canadian citizen (the law was changed a week after she was born), Ludlam resigned last week after it came out that he still held New Zealand citizenship for similar reasons.

Following Ludlam’s resignation, Tony Abbott was quick to pony up evidence that he had renounced his UK citizenship before assuming office, something that a bunch of very intense internet people had hitherto been very desperate to get their paws on:

After Waters’ resignation today, Belgian-born Liberal senator Mathias Cormann promptly fended off claims that he still held dual Belgian-Australian citizenship: 

It appears someone also took it upon themselves to update his Wikipedia page to that effect:

Tasmanian Greens senator Nick McKim also took the time to clear up any confusion about his UK citizenship:

His colleague Peter Whish-Wilson did the same regarding him being born in Singapore:

Halal snack pack aficionado and foreign donations fan Sam Dastyari took the opportunity to clear the air about his Iranian citizenship:

With the entirety of the Labor Party following suit:

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts – who is barely even a citizen of this planet – decided to clear up confusion over potential Indian citizenship in his characteristic (read: fucking awful) style:

Amazing that they check for that but not whether a candidate has a photo on their Facebook of them doing a Nazi salute next to a giant swastika.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has said that they’ve now gone through and double checked everyone. Probs a good idea, hey mate.

Photo: Getty Images / Paul Jeffers.