Police Say Brock Turner May Have Sent Photo Of His Victim’s Breast To Friends

New allegations have come to light in the case of Brock Turner, the Stanford student recently convicted on charges of sexual assault, with police saying they believe that he sent a photo of his victim’s breast to friends on the night of the attack.

Court documents show that, after Turner’s arrest, detectives saw a notification appear on his phone reading ‘WHOS TIT IS THAT’ (sic), allegedly from a fellow member of the Stanford swim team. 
Police concluded that, based on the timing of the message, and physical evidence showing that the victim’s bra had been pulled over one of her breasts, Turner had likely sent a photograph to friends.
They allege that the photo was sent via the GroupMe app, on which any member of a group chat is able to delete an image. Pictures sent through such apps can be difficult to trace. 
In a memorandum submitted as part of the sentencing process, prosecutors wrote that “detectives were unable to locate the text from the ‘Group me’ application or any photos related to the text.” 
At last week’s sentencing, Turner told judge Aaron Persky that he came from a small-town environment and had “never really experienced celebrating or partying that involved alcohol” before coming to Stanford. 
Recently-released Court documents, however, belie this statement, with photos and phone records from 2014, when Turner was in high school, showing repeated exchanges about drinking sessions as well as buying and using drugs.
Source: Telegraph UK.
Photo: Today.