Police Officer Who Abused Greens MP Jenny Leong Online Cops Suspension

News emerged yesterday that one of the police officers involved in the really, really bad racist and sexist abuse of NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong copped a suspension from the NSW Police Force. It also turns out that he took weird Satanist selfies and posted photos of corpses on Facebook? Go figure.
The unnamed sergeant is based in inner-city Sydney and has apparently spent a good portion of his time online posting anti-gay slurs and sexually degrading comments about women. You might say that someone’s time off the clock is their own business but, you know, he’s a cop.
His Facebook profile pic and recent photos is a good slice of raw, edgy teenager, too.
“I love evil and being evil. It’s who I am,” reads the caption. “I just love the picture and what it stands for. EVIL”. Which is not a great sentiment for a cop to openly express, but also deeply, deeply embarrassing for any grown human being to say.
The officer’s comments about Leong, which were liked and commented upon by other police officers – some high-ranking – were in response to Leong’s public opposition to sniffer dogs.
He posted Leong’s photo with a comment which read: “Wow Jenny. It was a clear mistake when your father spotted your mother across a crowded swamp and dragged her back to his hut to make you.”

Not good. Now he’s been immediately suspended, and he can go back to posting photos of corpses online while listening to Linkin Park, I guess.
Photo: AAP.