Man Arrested, Two Police Injured After Knife Attack Outside Buckingham Palace

Two London police officers have been injured after subduing a knife-wielding man in an incident outside Buckingham Palace overnight.

Per BBC News reports, the unnamed man in question has been taken into custody, and faces charges of grievous bodily harm and assault.

The two officers were treated at the scene for injuries to their arms, and per Metropolitan Police reports, neither required hospitalisation.

Eyewitness accounts suggest that the alleged attacker was removed from a vehicle which he appeared to be driving towards the officers.

“They were trying to get the man out of the car, shouting, more police were arriving on to the scene and the man was fighting back,” one woman told the BBC.

Another eyewitness told reporters:

I was walking toward The Mall and St James’s Park when I saw police rush down toward the palace in great numbers. As we got further down The Mall we saw armed police outside a police van, at which point we were able to walk closer to the palace still, where we were eventually stopped by a cordon. All we were told was that there’s been an incident.

Buckingham Palace officials have declined to comment, but it is understood that no members of the royal family were present at the queen’s residence during the incident.

The area was sealed off by police in the wake of the incident, and their inquiries are ongoing.