Police Horse Walks Into Bar In Bondi, NSW Nanny State Officially Peaked

Look, Sydney has to put up with all manner of state intrusions when it comes to places that serve alcohol. Whether its the wine bar that got ripped for its sign, or a literal police horse entering a bar, we’ve constantly got an eye on us.
Freelance writer Jonno Seidler was driving past the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi when he spotted an actual police horse chilling out inside the venue, presumably to prevent the inevitable riot that occurs when adults consume alcohol. Or the horse might have been cruising for a vodka lemonade. We just don’t know.
“I couldn’t tell if the horse was spooked or what was going on,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald “I just couldn’t fathom what kind of situation you’d need to be in where you’d need to bring a horse into a bar.”
We can think of a situation: when you, a bar owner, need to saving a failing business by doing daily re-enactments of the classic ‘a horse walks into a bar’ gag. Police horses? Nah.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald / Facebook.
Photo: Carmen Culina.