Please Stare At This Munted Restoration Of A Baby Jesus Statue Immediately

We can all agree that one of the greatest memes of the past decade – hall of fame contender, surely – was the totally botched restoration of a Jesus fresco in Borja, Spain. You definitely remember it. It’s the one where Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ended up looking like some kind of space chimp:

We now have a strong contender for ‘best accidentally munted restoration of Christ’ in the form of this cheeky little number from a church in Ontario, Canada. After a statue of Mary and baby Jesus outside the church was vandalised again, the church’s priest Gérard Lajeunesse attempted to secure a replacement head for the poor babby.
That didn’t go so well. After learning it would have to be custom made at a cost of $10,000, he instead opted to allowed a local artist to have a crack at it. The results were absolutely not ideal:

The reaction from parishioners was, uh, not good. “It really is shocking to the eyes because of the big contrast in colour,” confessed Lajeunesse. “I wasn’t trained for this in seminary.”

Allow me to reiterate:
That baby Jesus looks like Maggie Simpson. My dude Jesus here looks like some kind of suntanned lemon. My main man Jesus, king of the Nazarenes and saviour of humanity, looks like that kid from Rocket Power.
One word: lmao.
Source: The Guardian.
Photo: CBC.