Pig The Dugong Is Turning 19 This Weekend & He’s Having A Party In Sydney

If you’ve ever been to the Sydney Aquarium you’ve probably come across Pig. He’s a 300kg dugong/sea cow cutie and is officially celebrating his 19th birthday on Sunday. But, much like the rest of us humans, he’s got a tendency to stretch his birthday party our over multiple days. Same, mate.

Yesterday, Pig got some very special treats at the kick-off of his birthday long weekend, with lots of belly scratches and new toys to play with. Oh and he also copped a massive birthday cake made out of his #1 favourite food – lettuce.

Pig lives in the Sydney aquarium with his sea cow pal Wuru, and they’re the only pair of dugongs that are able to be visited by the public in the world.

We’re very lucky to have these two precious water moo-moos in Sydney, and their space in the aquarium is keeping them happy and healthy considering the dugongs’ natural habitat in the wild is being destroyed through pollution and the species is considered vulnerable.


To celebrate Pig’s big day on the weekend, the aquarium is knocking 19% off admission prices, so if you’re stuck with nothing to do on the weekend, head on over and wish the special boy a v. happy birthday.