A Supremely Grot Pick-Up Artist ‘Guide To Melbourne’ Has Been Reported To Police

Contributor: pedestrian.tv

A frankly fucked up ‘how-to’ guide detailing when, where, and how to approach women in Melbourne has been reported to the police this morning after it re-surfaced on social media.

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The “curated list of places”, originally posted in 2017, include a number of locations around the University of Melbourne‘s campus and the CBD. Each location grades the “average quality” of women in the area and includes detailed tips on how to approach women. Many of these “recommendations” refer to women as “targets.” 

On campus, the Professors Walk Café, the gym, and faculty libraries are all listed. CBD locations include the Woolworths in Melbourne Central, the Central and Bourke Street Mall tram stops, and the State Library Victoria. The author even shares where to find “jailbait”.

If that isn’t fucked enough, the post goes on to say the CBD is a very multicultural place for those with “a thing” for Asians. They also encourage readers to explore the North and South for “better quality.” 

The post wraps with a flowchart to illustrate their points.

Since resurfacing on social media, many have voiced their concern and utter disgust over the forum.

“This is actually really disturbing and highlights exactly what we are up against as a society. No wonder we are all on high alert every minute of every freaking day,” one woman tweeted.

“How is the use of language. Cold approach, targets, targeting, untapped market, tactic, passive day game approach. This makes me sick. They can rot,” another tweeted.

In a statement to PEDESTRIAN.TV, the University of Melbourne said they have reported the “deeply concerning” post to the police.

We have referred the information to the police for monitoring and our security team is paying particular attention to the locations named in the post.

We have written to the forum admins to request that the post is removed.

UniMelb encourages anyone feeling unsafe while on campus to contact the University’s security team on 8344 6666 for immediate response.


A spokesperson for Woolworths Metro has issued a statement saying they are “appalled” by the guide.

We work hard to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our customers and team members, and this type of behaviour is clearly at odds with that.

We’ve raised the concerns with our store leaders, and our security providers will keep an eye out for any inappropriate behaviour.

If customers have any concerns while shopping, we’d encourage them to raise it with a team member or security so we can take appropriate action in response.