Photographer: Pablo Franco

There’s only three mags that I can proudly say I own every issue of Paperplane, Monster Children and Movement. The best part about those three titles is they’re all based in Sydney and they all do a damn fine job in putting out quality paper worth your mool.

Out of the trio Movement, being a Bodyboarding magazine is, probably the least relevant to this domain’s vibe, however it was Movement who pushed groovy dude South American photographer Pablo Franco my way. They were also one of the earliest publications to run Pablo’s pics in this country back in 2004. Now 26 issues in they can proudly boast to having a bit of Pab in nearly every one of their issues.

Off the top of my head Pablo is a photographer who makes his green from shooting cute girls and cute boys. He’s shot for everyone from Levi’s and Wrangler to Nike and MSN* Messenger. In the last few years Pabby’s sea has become an overcrowded one with every hack and his dog now repping an slr and a bunch of cute girlfriends to get topless and philander with, whilst index finger is placed firmly on the trigger of course. Hence I feel kind of bad for waiting so long to excrete some <3<3<3 his way. This is some of his gold that I could find online, believe me when I say most of his printed gear is even better.

Would you like to be shot by Pablo Franco?