Pete Evans Reckons No, It’s The Government Who Are Spreading Misinformation

pete evans misinformation

COVID conspiracy theorist Pete Evans has upped the ante with his nonsense this week, now claiming that it’s the government that’s “spreading misinformation.”

To put it simply, he’s gone full Principal Skinner and reckons no, it’s the GOVERNMENT who’s wrong.

“Another one of the most disgraceful and demeaning and insulting ads on tv,” Evans said on Instagram, sharing a video of Matt Preston wearing a mask.

The ad in question features our chef king Mr Matt Preston urging Melburnians to wear a mask using the same rhetoric that got us all to use condoms in the 90s. Oh, and he turns his iconic cravat into a face mask. What more could you possibly want in an ad, right?

Well, Pete Evans – not a medical professional or epidemiologist – reckons the ad is part of an “ongoing fraud” to keep us all in lockdown. Just to remind you all: Pete Evans is *not* a medical professional.

“My heart goes out to all the businesses, including the restaurants & cafes that are closed down or struggling to survive and also the staff who are out of work, because of this ongoing fraud, that is this lockdown. This ad has only enabled the govt to extend its lockdown in Victoria by spreading misinformation,” he continued.

For what it’s worth, the comments come after Evans was slapped with a $25,000 fine for spreading a false claim that the BioCharger had a cure for coronavirus. But sure, it’s *actually* the government who are spreading fake news.

This is now *checks notes* the second pro-mask ad that Evans has had an issue with, just a week after he started beef with national treasure Magda Szubanski.