PETA Reckons Eating Chicken Makes Your Kid’s Dick Small, No April Fools’

April 1st is a precarious time for anybody online. Nothing you read is certain. Everything could be true, or not true, or some sick combination of both. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) known for their provocative – and occasionally extremely dumbarse – stunts, have dropped a doozy of a video this morning. Is it an April Fool’s joke?

But then you realise: it’s not April Fools’ today in America yet. It’s real.
Seriously though, PETA have made this claim before. They refer to a reasonably dubious study which correlates a mother’s consumption of factory-farmed chicken during pregnancy with the size of their son’s dingus. Yowza.
They say it’s because of phthalates, a chemical which is found in chicken flesh.
Anyway. If your mum ate chicken during your pregnancy blokes, we’re sorry about your little dick, I guess. April Fools’.
Source: PETA.
Photo: PETA.